Nova Scotians without docs June update

Rate of increase holds steady

The growth in the number of Nova Scotians seeking but unable to find doctors climbed in June at a rate of 4.7%, or 2,483, which is in line with previous reporting periods.

Metro Halifax (the “health networks” of Bedford, Dartmouth South, Halifax and Chebucto Peninsulas) continues to be the locus of the worst problem, with 26,682 people seeking doctors (about 51% of the provincial total). Metro’s total is up 850.

The Central Zone (all of HRM) continues to represent about 54% of the problem.

In terms of raw numbers, the biggest change was in the Queens and Lunenburg health network, with 447 more people seeking doctors. In percentage terms, West Hants was hardest hit with increase of 27%.

The most dramatic improvement was in Inverness/Victoria/Richmond, where those needing doctors shrank by 17%, or 209 people.

The source, as always, is the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s accountability report.

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