Insurrection by naif?

I feel a little sorry for the truckers besieging our capital and two vital trade routes. They appear to be unsophisticated and poorly educated people who bumbled their way into a no-win confrontation with the Canadian state. It cannot end well for them. Canada cannot bend to their will and expect to remain a country. The poison we are seeing now would seep across our geography and into the national fabric. 

An insurrection by the naïve is still an insurrection.

The prime minister should invoke the Emergencies Act and clear the trade barricades in Windsor, ON and Coutts, AB using all necessary force. Canada manages trade across its borders, not truck drivers. If you can’t or won’t defend your borders then you are not a state. If we need tanks to move those trucks, then so be it.

Perhaps that will concentrate the minds of the Ottawa group enough to negotiate their surrender. On those terms the prime minister could participate without weakening Canada’s position.

To be negotiated:

  • the charges the occupiers will face
  • where they will be tried
  • where federal sentences will be served
  • the care and safety of their children until they are reunited with family

It’s harsh. In some ways the truckers are victims, but they are also the authors of their own misfortune.

When it’s done, Canada needs to urgently address the causes.

2 thoughts on “Insurrection by naif?

  1. The problem is that those ill-informed, niave participants in the occupation of Ottawa will be driven more into the arms of the white supremacists and Nazis when Ottawa takes action against them. The punishment will prove to them they were right and if they end up impoverished because they can’t work with a criminal record, or have lost their truck, that will just make them angrier at the state and democratic processes. The nazis have carried out a very calculated recruiting process. A solution that doesn’t make it worse would be nice. I have no idea what that solution is.


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