Is Trump crazy like a fox?

Media and deep-thinkers have pronounced the failure to launch of  President Donald Trump’s health care bill as a massive defeat, but it may actually be a victory.

During the U.S. election campaign Trump made the surprising promise that he would bring health care to all Americans at a good price. This is anathema to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R) and the GOP’s ultra right crowd.

So where do things stand today?

Well, Ryan and alt-right GOPs are wearing the failure, not Trump, because they stopped  “his” bill from getting to the floor. Even the Dems are free of blame because they never got a chance to vote against it, leaving  Trump’s enemies alone and wounded on the battlefield.

If the current system “explodes”, as Trump predicts, Republicans in the House will be blamed for failing to act.

But not Trump. He can still step to save the day with a bipartisan effort to fix it, just as he promised. If he succeeds, he’ll be the conquering hero that so many of his  supporters believe him to be.

I know, it’s a crazy idea, but Trump is all about crazy.


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