Sure hope there’s no cover-up here

It’s been almost seven months since a 41-year-old Spryfield man died in a Halifax police cell June 16, 2016.

Neither the cops nor Nova Scotia’s Serious Incident Response Team will say what the man’s name was, although you can tell with 99% certainty by checking the obits for the period. We did, and his initials are CR, but the job of identifying him belongs to law enforcement, not bloggers.

SIRT says withholding the names of people involved in their investigations is a matter of policy. It also makes it harder for the public to assess SIRT’s performance.

The cops won’t release the name either, which is reasonable until family have been notified, but usually a single day is enough to take care of that.

Given that the man was arrested for public intoxication, it’s likely that he died of misadventure.

But, after seven months without an update on the investigation or the deceased’s name, you have to start wondering about a cover-up of some kind. After all, it’s plenty of time for evidence to deteriorate or get “lost” (e.g. drugs and cash) and memories to fade, which are key to successful cover-ups.

Just sayin’.





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